When the Skrillex and Korn collaboration,”Get Up!” first dropped as the lead single on the metal band’s tenth album, The Path of Totality, fans of both artists were instantly drawn to the single’s intense energy and headbanging allure.

While the track did feature Skrillex’s production, it was also very much a rock song and thus fairly hard to play out. To solve that issue, Skrillex made a ‘Director’s Cut’ which he then uploaded on YouTube, before subsequently setting it to private sometime last year, according to the video’s comments. Fortunately for us, yesterday he suddenly decided to make the video publicly available, and some Redditors believe it’s a sign of something new to come.

While I’m not necessarily sure that this has anything to do with Skrillex’s birthday (which is today, by the way), thank you, Sonny, and happy birthday!


Featured Image Source: Rukes