DJs wearing costumes and helmets for their shows goes back a few decades. Kraftwerk popularized having a distinct look for live performances, and artists like Daft Punk, deadmau5, Marshmello, Cazzette, Headless Horseman, The Bloody Beetroots and many more have followed in their footsteps by wearing iconic helmets and masks.

Now, a rising bass producer duo has jumped on the helmet bandwagon. Barely Alive uploaded a video revealing a new helmet for their live performances, which closely resembles the duo’s character mascot. The black helmet appears to be decked out with LEDs and be made of high quality material. (Bear Grillz debuted a similar helmet not long after he revealed his identity.) While Barely Alive is a production duo, only one of its members regularly tours, so we expect to see only one of these helmets make the rounds at shows and festivals.

Willie will be debuting the helmet tonight at The Joint alongside Excision.

The choice for Barely Alive to tour with a helmet is decidedly different than artists like Marshmello, who use it to hide their identity, as well as using them as a set piece. We’re already well aware of who the members of Barely Alive are, so this is pure set prop, plain and simple.

Watch the Barely Alive helmet unveiling video below:

Image via KanHDL