During an interview this week with 92.3 AMP Radio, Grammy award-winning singer Ed Sheeran admitted that Rita Ora once helped him sneak into an Oscars party by posing as Calvin Harris.

“I went to an Oscars party at Madonna’s manager’s house by saying I was Calvin Harris. It was at a time when no one knew what he looked like. He was just the DJ name, and I was with my cousin and Rita Ora.”

Because it was during a time when DJs were less open about their public image, Sheeran was able to enter the star-studded party without issue. With the help of Rita Ora, Harris’s girlfriend at the time, he was able to take his guest list spot.

“Rita Ora was with Calvin Harris at this point. She said, ‘Calvin’s on the list but I know he’s not coming, so just say that you’re him.'”

Interestingly enough, Harris did end up arriving at the party. As Sheeran described, though, his image at the time was slightly less impressive than the one he boasts today.

“It was a really amazing party, Prince was there actually. The first person I saw when I walked in was Prince. And apparently Calvin Harris was there, a bit shorter and a bit less Scottish, a bit less abs as well.”


Source: Entertainment Tonight | Image: Ian Gavan/Getty Images