In teasers for The Chainsmokers’ new song “Paris,” pretty much everyone on the internet agreed that it was Louane who was providing backing vocals on the track. It wasn’t even disputed. Some people thought it could have been Selena Gomez, but The Chainsmokers are known for taking on lesser known vocalists like XYLO, Rozes and Phoebe Ryan rather than a superstar, so that was quickly dismissed.

Instead, the vocalist/writer Emily Warren revealed herself to Billboard yesterday as the track’s mystery vocalist.

Warren has previously collaborated as a writer on three Chainsmokers songs, including 2016’s breakout hit “Don’t Let Me Down.” As the story goes, as The Chainsmokers were finishing up production on “Paris,” they felt that it was missing something and called in Warren.

“[The Chainsmokers] happened to be in New York and I was working on some stuff at a studio nearby,” Warren told Billboard, “and they were like, ‘Can you please come? We’re finishing this song. It needs a little something; we don’t know what it is. Can you just come sing some background or something?’ So I came in and just layered some of Drew’s parts and sang those different parts that you can hear on the song. They were like, ‘All right, sick, the song’s done now.’ It was awesome.”

Warren also told Billboard that she had written for a lot of new Chainsmokers material that will be coming out, and one track that she’ll be officially featured on – but she can’t talk about any of that yet. As 2017 moves forward, we’ll undoubtedly see more Chainsmokers music.


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