Just three months after the release of his Love & Hate EP, Aero Chord is back at it again with some new fire. Given the typical quality of Aero Chord’s music and how seldom he releases, I can definitely say I was a bit skeptical when “Resistance” was announced so soon after a full length EP. However, the Monstercat team was hyping up this track like crazy, so I had faith that something good was coming.

Needless to say, “Resistance” turned out to be everything I had hoped for. While “biggest banger of 2017” might be a bit of a stretch (considering how much of 2017 is left), the hype for this one was definitely well-deserved.

Stepping away from his recent future bass influences, Aero Chord went back to his roots with this release, going full-on trap. Though he has played in this vein a few times prior to this release, “Resistance” is easily the most festival-sounding track Aero Chord has done to date. The song could fit very snug into a Yellow Claw tracklist, with sounds that could pair very well with Barong Family‘s current roster (watch out, Monstercat).

Simply said, if your face doesn’t get completely melted off while listening to “Resistance,” you might be doing something wrong. This is one of Monstercat’s filthiest releases to date, and an instant classic by Aero Chord.

Listen to “Resistance” and buy the track below:

Support on all platforms: Monstercat.lnk.to/Resistance