Isaac Lee has just launched his debut single, “U Make Me,” and he’s come out swinging with an eclectic track that screams of talent. Luscious basslines, stormy vocals, and subtle percussion combine for an atmosphere that sits right at home in the cave raves of The Matrix.

Growing up working with YouTube celebrities, commercials, and short films, Lee finally directed his talents toward electronic music at the age of nineteen, then gaining the support of Skrillex’s NEST HQ before refining his sound to what you hear today. The Atlanta-based artist packs a range of talents from cinematography to production, yet he manages to stay humble with an altruistic purpose.

“I want [my music] to make people feel like they can do anything. I want them to feel uplifted, happy, confident, and inspired. I want [people] to pursue their art or craft and make their daydreams become reality, I hate to see the talent given to all go to waste.”