In my personal list, there’s a few artists that can quite literally do no harm; those virtually incapable of creating a subpar tune, while being entirely capable of constructing something that’s not only sure to damage a dance floor, but is a guaranteed bedroom skanker. Phace is no exception. With his Plastic Acid EP on Blackout, the legend himself has yet again proven to the listening world that he’s showing absolutely no signs of slowing down.

When I feel that strongly about an artist’s work, it usually means I interview him/her/them. So can you guess what I’ve done?

Hey man! Quite a pleasure to be speaking with you. The word on the street is you’ve been an extremely busy man. Tell us a bit about what you’ve been up to?

Hello! Thank you very much. 2016 indeed has been a cool year. It actually wasn’t as hectic as 2015, as I released my SHAPE THE RANDOM album in that year, but nevertheless there was quiet a lot going on. I was pretty much touring throughout all year and managed to release a new single (SO EXCITED) and just recently finished production on a new EP. The EP is entitled PLASTIC ACID and will be coming out January 27th on Black Sun Empire’s Blackout label.

This definitely has to be one of the heaviest releases of the year. Tell us a bit about your inspirations.

To me inspiration comes and goes during the actual process of sitting down and writing. The initial inspiration getting me started to work on the EP I can’t really remember to be honest. To me inspiration changes every session and really depends on my daily mood. Otherwise it would bore me. In the very end, when it was clear the tracks will be released on Blackout, I wanted the music to work nicely on the dance floor, to have enough impact, so they somewhat resonate with the Blackout sound.

Ahhh. Makes sense! Tell us a bit about how the release came together. We’re these all quite recent or were they tunes started in the distant past?

In total I worked on the EP for roundabout 1 year. I first started to write Sun Searching when I lost my father in 2015. All the other tracks followed subsequently. It took me a little to finalise the EP till I was happy with it.

Sorry to hear that man. That’s got to be rough.

Although they’re all quite insane (in a good way), do you have a personal favorite? Why?

I like them all for what they are. They are my kids. With Sun Searching I do have that special relation I mentioned before….

Tell us a bit about the creative experience. Do you just go into the studio every day with a clear head and intent to quake monitors and club systems?

I try to be in the studio as much I can. So I can let it flow when inspiration and motivation hits. I write quite slow and take my time with things. There are no rules to me, my approach to a track is often very different. I don’t really have that one formula to make my tracks, I try to surprise myself when I produce something. It is easy to create a first draft for a track in 15 minutes. I think pretty much anybody can do that. I record stuff, jam with some synthesiser or older bounces, dig for new ideas and play with some new tools. Sometimes I also sample my own music. It is definitely harder to finish something.

Venture with us a bit into the world of production. Any tips for your fellow producers out there?

Stay hungry and creative, push your boundaries and most important, finish tracks, even though when you think they could be better. Grow with every project and move on.

Favorite VST’s at the moment?

I couldn’t do without the FabFilter stuff.

Agreed! As we reach the end of the year, how was 2016 as a whole for you? Any memorable events you’d like to mention?

That Halloween state sides tour last October was pretty fucking sick. And Let it Roll Festival 2016 was very special as well.

How about any insight as to next year. Any plans for the big 2017?

I take it step by step. First I got Plastic Acid coming out. There is def more stuff happening, I just need some more time to be able to finalise things and schedule them.

Slow and steady always wins the race! Lastly, any last words for your fans at Your EDM?

Thank you all for the support, and a happy and healthy new year to all of you.