This week we catch up with genre-fluid artist London Future, who talks us through his way of making music, and why he chose to work in the world of production and songwriting.

The end of 2016  saw the release of ‘Don’t Stop’ through Ultra. Was that a good way to round off the year?

Indeed, the perfect way to end off a very rough year and the start of a new promising year. I’m always happy to get my new music out there.

How long did the track take to complete? Did you know straight away you wanted to work with Jem Cooke?

‘Don’t Stop’ actually took a few weeks of post-production until I was comfortable enough to send it off. I’ve yet to met Jem Cooke but she truly has amazing talent, I hope we can write more music in the near future.

What do you consider three of your biggest achievements from the last 12 months?

Being able to work with talent from my home country (Trinidad & Tobago) and then have said music released worldwide, would most definitely be my biggest achievement. Playing Tomorrowland for the first time was also a highlight, along with travelling the world and eating healthier.

You have done some wicked vocal collaborations within your catalogue, do you have plans for anymore at the moment?

Yes, they’ve been great to work with. This year I have a number of new vocal tracks to drop. I’m most excited about my song with Grammy Award Winner and legend Sean Paul. Looking forward to that release along with others I’ve produced while travelling between the Caribbean, Toronto, LA and Europe.

How would you describe your sound to someone who hadn’t heard your music before?

Hard to describe; a mix of what I’ve known and grown up with in Soca/dancehall with a current trap  and hip-hop influences. I always describe my expression of art as the “unfound sound”, but I can feel we are well on the way to being heard and found!

What do you consider the pros and cons of being a musician?


  • (Mostly) self-determined success
  • Endless opportunity for growth
  • Cool job
  • Cyclical stress patterns (work really hard, then take some time off > working kind of hard all the time)
  • Travel
  • Free food
  • Free drinks


  • Everyone else is relaxing when you’re working (what do you mean you can’t come the BBQ/christening/bachelor party?)
  • If you’re chasing stardom, your career will probably be short-lived

Get ‘Don’t Stop’ here.