The winner of Triple J’s hottest one hundred, as we know, was Flume, after a record 2.2 million+ votes. “Never Be Like You” quickly rose through the charts and warmed every listener’s hearts, granting the talented Australian the first spot in the polls. His 2016 album, Skin, was nothing short of amazing and his reaction to winning the hottest 100 was also priceless.

Triple J’s YouTube page recently put up a reaction video showing Flume after hearing he won the #1 spot on the hottest 100 list. This video shows us a humbling portrayal of excitement from Flume as streamers and balloons fill the room around him. When asked if he ever thought “Never Be Like You” would make the hottest 100, he said, “Oh God no,” with a chuckle and a big smile. Check out the full video below:

Featured Image Georgia Modi Photography