Since From First To Last unveiled their new single “Make War,” with Sonny Moore back on vocals, the internet has been buzzing with hopes and theories about what the future may hold.

Numerous details have people thinking that Sonny Moore is permanently reuniting with From First To Last, which is awesome, but the implications of such a reunion are starting to become apparent. After rumors of disagreement with Skrillex, Diplo has said he’s taking a break from Jack Ü to focus on Major Lazer, and now, Skrillex’s own list of tour dates and shows are noticeably non-existent, although he does have some Vegas dates (which he might be contractually obligated to see through). Some have even begun to speculate that Sonny is shelving the Skrillex project to devote his efforts entirely to From First To Last.

Combined with the interesting conclusion to his new video documentary, “The Same Place,” where he says:

“This concludes our adventure. This is Sonny Moore signing out.”

After considering the huge party thrown for his birthday and overwhelming congratulations extended by his peers (far greater than in years past), we’re certainly left wondering if this might in fact be the end of Sonny’s Skrillex project… or at least a break.

In just seven years, Skrillex has arguably become one of the figureheads of electronic dance music, and understandably, electronic dance fans are freaking out a bit that Sonny might be taking a break from the project. Reddit has already been discussing the theory at length, which you can read through here.


H/T: r/skrillexPhoto: Rukes