IBM’s Watson is one seriously powerful computer. Unlike normal, logical processing, Watson uses cognitive computing to interpret data made for consumption by other humans, like blog posts, profiles, and reviews, and more.

Using the computing power of Watson, popular morning party organizer Daybreaker set up the world’s first “cognitive dance party” in San Francisco. They asked attendees to link their Twitter handle or fill out a questionnaire upon registering for the event, which Watson then analyzed to curate a unique gathering that would please the range of personalities attending, and damn was Watson thorough.

Watson created three groups for attendees based on their strongest personality trait, and visibly categorized them with different colors. Those on the more expressive side wore yellow, the outgoing folks wore red, and the conscientious, purple. Each group was given a tailored breakfast, their own workout (yoga, capoeira, or high-intensity interval training), and when they all joined forces on the dance floor, Watson controlled the light show to reflect the energy and emotion of the room. Oh, and with 500 people jamming about, the dance floor transferred its kinetic energy to a generator which helped power Watson. Awesome.

Here’s what Daybreaker’s CEO, Radha Agrawal, had to say about the innovative event.

In many ways, we started Daybreaker out of frustration that no one was dancing at nightclubs anymore and connecting authentically because everyone was on their cell phones and digitally divided. This is the first time I’ve seen technology enhance a dance party experience instead of take away from it.”

Because of the event’s success, Daybreaker is hoping to host more Watson-curated events in the future, so be on the lookout. If you’d like to learn more about Watson, here’s a video of how cognitive computing works.


Source: Vocativ | Photo: Carl DeTorres