Reports from Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv suggest that TIDAL, the streaming and HiFi audio service founded by Jay-Z and many other notable artists in music, has been inflating their subscriber count for months, and by a large degree.

The Norwegian newspaper, which apparently was able to come across this information because streaming service Wimp, now known as TIDAL, has its offices in Oslo, Norway, reports that Jay-Z and TIDAL have greatly inflated the subscriber count of the service by over 300% at times.

When Jay-Z tweeted in September 2015 that TIDAL had reached a milestone one million subscribers, the real number was allegedly closer to 350,000.

And in March of 2016, six months later, when TIDAL announced that it had reached the 3 million subscriber mark, it was allegedly reporting only 850,000 subscribers to music labels, a deficit of 352%.

Of course, it’s also public knowledge that Jay-Z sued the former owners of TIDAL in March last year for $15 million… for what? Yep, for “exaggerating how many subscribers the service had when [Jay-Z] bought the company.”

Tidal has not responded to requests for comment.


via HotNewHipHop