Is there more new Illenium on the horizon?! Just a week after dropping his brand new single “Fractures,” Illenium is back at it again making headlines with this forthcoming single that could be his best one yet.

First spotted by our friends over at /r/edm, the single is entitled “The Sound of Walking Away” with vocalist Kerli in the mix and could just be his favorite song at the moment according to his recent Reddit AMA. He first teased the single back at Snowglobe, but last night at Crush SF he opted to play it again.

The track features the emotional female vocals with immense vocal range – like most of his hit singles – whose vocals are accentuated by the melodic buildup into a euphoric drop. Judging by the two versions, the latest version is slightly more instrumental without the slight kicks in the intro. Whether that’s a permanent change or just an emotional touch for Valentine’s Day, who knows. Either way, we can’t wait for this to be released!

Stream both versions below, first Snowglobe then Crush SF.


Featured Image Source: Illenium