In an epic YouTube video dubbed “GLORIOUS MIDI UNICORN,” YouTuber Andrew Huang has defied all the universe’s laws to create a unicorn in Ableton out of MIDI notes that sounds pretty damn good when played out. Reminiscent of sounds from your childhood (Super Mario anyone?!), the glorious MIDI unicorn has since blown up across social media with Andrew’s original tweet shared more than 60,000 times in less than 24 hours.

Andrew was inspired by producer Savant who’s done similar work with animal drawing-inspired music (which deserves to be a genre of its own at this point) to pursue this new groundbreaking style of musical composition. In fact, this might be so groundbreaking that I’m considering pushing for ‘animal drawing inspired music’ to be recognized as an official Your EDM genre category after I’m done here.

In any case, while Andrew’s first attempt didn’t turn out so well, this new ‘GLORIOUS MIDI UNICORN’ is 22 seconds of blissful Mario video game-esque chords right out of your dusty Nintendo 64.

Stream the video below to see the entire process!


H/T: Creators Featured Image Source: Andrew Huang