The ChainsmokersColdplay‘s hotly anticipated collab, “Something Just Like This,” has finally landed. And, while Coldplay fans will certainly not complain about how excellent the vocal elements are in this track, Chainsmokers fans might feel a bit differently. The production and melodies are certainly of a professional quality, but if you’ve heard “Roses” from The Chainsmokers you might understand why the drop in their new Coldplay collab feels a bit too familiar.

To be frank, the synth used to lead for the pop-drop in “Something Just Like This” is virtually indistinguishable from that used in “Roses.” Although this new release is lacking some of the trappier elements found in “Roses,” (like the finger snaps and the backing chants) and instead incorporates a Coldplay-infused guitar solo for the last drop segment, the melodic identities of the two tracks are just far too similar, in my opinion.

While some might be quick to think I’m hating unnecessarily here, I would like to think that it’s important to offer legitimate criticism as opposed to irrational hate or blinding praise. When an act has cemented themselves so firmly in the spotlight of the music world as a representative of dance music, like The Chainsmokers have, fans and critics alike would find more enjoyment if boundaries are pushed. This release is quite the opposite, and instead plays it overly safe to The Chainsmokers’ strengths and successful style. It’s by no means bad, but I think I stand for most dance music fans when I say that they could’ve done better with the production on such a high profile collab as this.

I mean c’mon… this topline is amazing.

But hey, at least we have one thing to look forward to: an indubitable flood of quality remixes incoming from EDM’s best up and comers. Stay tuned.