Over the last year, Justin Caruso has been making quite a name for himself with some wildly successful remixes and a world tour alongside 3LAU, yet until now we’ve been kept waiting for a true original. That all changes with “Talk About Me,” Caruso’s inescapable debut single.

Known for her work on The Chainsmokers’ “New York City,” Victoria Zaro lays down a crushing performance that plays beautifully atop Caruso’s own melodies, making for an unapologetically classy track that’s sure to capture attention throughout the year.

Every part of the arrangement screams of quality, from the acoustic warmth of guitar to exquisite percussion, and a tropically infused ambience keeps the entire track in step with flawless island tranquility. Check out what Justin himself has to say about the meaning behind the tune, and be sure to throw him some love on Spotify.

“This one goes out to all the people dealing with a break up, to remind you to be the strong one and get through it with a smile on your face because at the end of the day you control your happiness, not them.”