A few weeks ago, I reviewed Cymatics’ “Helix for Serum” preset pack. Not only did I say it was a great pack, but I praised Cymatics for the unique sound design within an over-saturated space. Now, Cymatics is teaching you how to apply their techniques to your own sound design.

Cymatics 30 Day Guide to Advanced Bass Design in Xfer Serum is pretty much exactly what it sounds like – a 30 day guide to learning how to make the basses Cymatics has become famous for. With 33 pages of content and 24 videos for you to learn from, you’ll be able to not only understand how to use Serum, but create your own quality sounds.

Although it is pegged as a guide for just bass design, the application of the techniques taught are applicable to anything sound design related: chords, leads, FX, you name it. The ‘secret tips’ provided by Drew himself are fantastic, and give insight as to how a professional sound designer approaches sound design. I truly believe that this is an invaluable resource for producers of all skill levels.

What caught me off guard about the guide was the price, or rather, lack thereof. It’s free – absolutely free. With information this valuable, it’s pretty amazing the team over at Cymatics is willing to give this away for no cost, especially with how much time and effort was put into the creation of the guide.

If you’re interested, grab yourself a free copy of it here, and start making some sounds of your own!


Image via Rukes.com