The legend behind some of the heaviest-hitting jump up drum and bass in existence has returned with one of 2017’s largest tunes to date. Jump up pioneer Original Sin is known for many things in his extensive catalogue, such as his timeless classics “Mad World”, “No Limit” and “Therapy”. In a singular, upward, tear-out motion, the mastermind award-winning DJ/producer has contributed yet another monumental production that’s sure to flow directly from distribution into your “Must Play” category.

Known for his versatility and expertise in any and all styles of drum and bass, the man himself shows no mercy just after his release on Viper Recordings. This one starts off with a transcending tension of euphoric movement. It fades to grey, as the bass line flickers in like an impending hurricane of sound. As the drop melts through, fans of all sub genres of drum and bass will find themselves doing the “bedroom skank” to this excellent new tune.

This ginormous bit is one of four, with the other contributing artists featured consisting of FrictionKiller Hertz and Dope Skillz. Elevate Audio comes out the gate swinging, on this brand new first-of-many release of February. Featuring one of Friction‘s most enticing productions ever, keep a keen eye on this new collective.

You can purchase the entire release here.