To our excitement, 2017 will see a host of new music from Bassnectar. The first of many tracks has been bestowed upon us, premiered by Run The Trap. The newest track to Bassnectar’s catalog, and his first release of 2017, is his new remix of Buku’sFront To Back“. The original is a slow, heavy bass track with massive punchy sub-kicks. While this new tune was released as a “remix”, I would call it more of an edit than anything else.

The “remix” features many of the same elements that are featured in the original tune: the same main synth, for instance. Though, he does spice up the tune by speeding up the original while also adding some “woos” and a new drum arrangement. Since the original track was a great one, this one is sure to warm the hearts of Buku and Bassnectar fans alike. However, I was disappointed with the lack of creativity Bassnectar displayed with this new track. Hopefully the rest of 2017 will reflect the more creative side we know and love from Bassnectar.

Check out the tune below: