Audiophiles rejoice! Gone are the days of the 160kbps bitrate on Spotify, unless you have Spotify Premium and are able to access the “extreme” 320kbps bitrate, with the announcement that the streaming giant is looking to a launch a lossless audio version.

Spotify Hi-Fi will offer lossless CD-quality to listeners similar to what Tidal currently offers in its own Hi-Fi tier. The upgrade will cost users a further between $5 to $10 a month, and according to several Reddit users, is already slowly being rolled out. The variation in upgrade price comes courtesy of different fans who have seen the advertisement to upgrade from within the mobile app on Android phones specifically.

The upgrade offers also vary depending on the listed price and probably the current account type they’re paying for. While all of them offer the full premium features plus lossless CD quality, some users have reported a bundled offer that includes one free vinyl plus discounts on other limited-edition vinyls.


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H/T: The Verge