A new rumor has arisen among fans of Calvin Harris and Beyoncé that the two may be collaborating on a new track together. Following Beyoncé’s unfortunate dismissal from headlining this year’s Coachella due to her pregnancy, it appears that there is a small goldmine of information that suggests the new rumor may have some validity.

The first piece of evidence, as noted by Breathe Heavy, comes from Harris’ own Twitter account. In a tweet sent out on February 15, he said he “worked with the greatest artists of our generation.” Despite already releasing his collaboration with Frank Ocean, “Slide,” the plural form of artists clearly suggests that there are other new joint projects in the works.

Next, fans noticed that Beyoncé used a piece of Harris and Frank’s collab in her recent Instagram feed of her and Jay-Z’s time at the Oscar’s. Harris even gave the post a “like” and a comment, leading some to believe he’s giving her a subtle nod regarding their own upcoming collab to follow.

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Finally, and most importantly, fans have discovered that in a 2016 interview with The Sun, a source directly mentioned that Harris was impressed with Beyoncé’s work on Naughty Boy’s “Runnin’ (Lose It All)” and wanted to work together.

“He is in talks with Beyonce as he’s always wanted to work together…” “She is a big fan.”


Source: Breathe Heavy | Image: Rukes