Alright, we all love Calvin Harris but let’s face it, he skimped us in 2016. Sure, he had some big tracks that kept his name in the thought pot, but it was mostly his happenings with Taylor Swift that had most people talking about the Scotsman.

“This Is What You Came For” was a successful tune, and then there was “My Way,” “Hype,” and John Newman’s “Olé” to satiate fans, but nothing really blew us away like in years past. That’s all about to change, with the announcement of 10 new tracks releasing in 2017. That’s essentially an album’s worth of music, and undoubtedly the reason last year was relatively tame. (But remember, Calvin also said he’s done with albums.)

It’s only a tweet, but we’re fairly convinced Harris wouldn’t be playing games with something like this.


Source: The Scottish Sun | Photo: Rukes