Ah, Recess… we remember it fondly. Skrillex’s first and only studio album was released three years ago today, a distinct snapshot of the dubstep realm and Skrillex’s own musical influences at the time.

With Zomboy having just released “Terror Squad,” “All is Fair In Love & Brostep” is a look at a specific moment in EDM history and the response to a certain event. Other tracks like “Try It Out” with Alvin Risk and “Recess” with Fatman Scoop and Kill the Noise took advantage of hype around other artists at the time, and using Skrillex’s own brand, elevated them even higher.

Then you have tracks like “Coast Is Clear” with Chance the Rapper, who’s gone on to become a Grammy award-winning artist and one of the most influential figures in current Chicago culture. You also have the first-of-its-kind collaboration between Skrillex and Korean pop stars G-Dragon and CL.

As far as a debut album, from an artist as prolific as Skrillex, at a tumultuous time in EDM when big room and bland styles were just gaining momentum, Skrillex chose to throw caution to the wind and took a chance on each and every track on this album. And it came out with phenomenal results.

Since the album’s release, Skrillex has gone on to collaborate with dozens of artists – everyone from Vince Staples to Incubus, and even reunited with his old band From First To Last. Fans are left to wonder when we’ll get another solo Skrillex original… guess we’ll just have to wait.