In 2013, Nitro Fun brought his iconic chiptune electro sound to Monstercat for the first time with the release of his “Old Skool” remix, which would go on to become even more popular than Televisor‘s original mix. Over the last four years, the EDM world has seen Nitro Fun grow from a bedroom producer into a true artist, constantly pushing himself into new territory and finding countless ways to reinvent himself.

Nitro Fun’s newest single – “Home” – shows his talent from a totally different angle, with the producer combining a slew of genres into one 3.5-minute journey. This hybrid includes trap and liquid dubstep, but more importantly features what Nitro Fun calls “POWERHOUSE,” a very speedy variety of electro house.

“Home” seems to take a lot of inspiration from artists like OokayPorter Robinson and Marshmello, but it’s worth taking note that Nitro Fun stays true to his roots with this one, still featuring his signature chiptune elements. Both old and new fans alike should find a lot to love in this song, so give it a good listen!

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