Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is suing Urban Outfitters, Inc. for trademark infringement and diluting the brand.

The lawsuit comes as UO’s sister site Free People featured items using the famous term “Coachella,” in listings such as “Coachella Boot,” “Coachella Mini Dress,” “Coachella Pocket Tank” and “Coachella Valley Tunic.”

Coachella claims this “misdirects consumers” looking for official Coachella products, directly to “unauthorized apparel” on the fashion brand’s site. UO/Free People reportedly failed to take the items down, despite a cease and desist order.

Now, when you search for “Coachella” on the Free People site, all that pops up are pieces of “festival” clothing, accessories and beauty items like hair glitter sticks, a festival survival kit, and an overpriced fashion tent.

Free People’s fashion-forward bohemian style definitely meshes with Coachella’s overall vibe, so hopefully these brands can make up and put this all behind them in time for festival season!


Source: Women’s Wear Daily