Throughout the course of an artist’s career, there will inevitably be music created that has no purpose beyond creative flexing of the muscles. That is to say, the artist has no intention of ever releasing said material in that form. (An artist might still go back later to revisit past demos for inspiration.)

Likewise, it’s always a shame when someone’s personal privacy is invaded and broken, as was the case last night with Porter Robinson. Some nefarious individual hacked into a private server where many of his demos from 2011-2014 were stored, and leaked them on the internet late last night. Some of the music included in the leak was also completely fake, as well.

A statement from Porter’s management reads:

Recently, a server was hacked which contained Porter Robinson demos from the years 2011-2014, as well as some more recent live show related music files.
The leak contains nothing that Porter is currently working on, nor anything that was planned for future release. The leaked music represents very old demos / ideas that Porter never intended to release at any time.

While things like torrents of released music will unfortunately always be a thing (and we’re not saying that is okay either), it’s never okay to hack into a server and steal material that was never intended to see the light of day in the first place.

Perhaps a silver lining in this incident, none of the material leaked was current, and so release schedules and surprises of his next releases should still remain intact.


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