I’ve done a few premieres for Noisia during my time as a writer for Your EDM, but I’m not sure I’ve been as excited for a premiere as I am for this one. “Mantra” remains one of the most intense tracks from their most recent album, Outer Edges. How you do you improve upon something that doesn’t need any improvement?

You get Mat Zo to remix it.

Mat Zo, seemingly without effort, transformed this drum & bass, neurofunk roller into a sort of mind-melting, indescribable remix that blends various bass genres and an almost ethnic vibe to carry it. It’s one of the more unique remixes from Mat Zo or anyone that we’ve heard, and the pairing of Noisia and Mat Zo together is nearly enough to cause spontaneous arousal.

It’s not hard to think of producers who could have done this remix justice – Joe Ford, Memtrix or The Upbeats all come to mind. But what Mat Zo has done goes beyond just “doing it justice,” rather he’s reinvented the wheel of sorts, and we’re digging this design a lot, too.

Listen to Mat Zo’s remix of “Mantra” by Noisia below. The Outer Edges Remixes album is out April 7 – pre-order here.