I’ve been waiting to write about Deorro’s debut album, Good Evening, since I received my promo copy six weeks ago.

A little background: I’ve always associated Deorro with bounce music. Always. Even when he put out something that wasn’t quite bounce, my mind always reverted back to that pigeonhole. And so when I heard he was putting out an album, cautiously optimistic would be an overstatement.

However, when I heard the first single, “Tell Me Lies” (which wasn’t actually the first single – “Butt Naked,” “Five More Hours,” and “Bailar” are all on the album), I thought, “Okay, he might be on to something here.”

One of the most unique things about this album is that there are interludes between every track on the album, bringing the track total to a staggering twenty-six. Each interlude takes from the previous track and leads into the next one, providing a seamless listening experience that you might not get going from track to track.

Another wonderful aspect of the album is the diversity. Oh my god, it is so diverse. There are ballads, bounce tracks, heavy tracks, soft tracks, fast tracks and slow tracks… there’s no doubt that people will have many different favorites from this album purely because there are so many great tracks to choose from.

“Tell Me Lies” still holds my heart, but “Turn Back Time” with Teemu is a fantastic spin on the bounce style with a fresh, poppy vocal and a fun, party vibe, especially when the tempo switches up. And then of course you have “Butt Naked,” which is the first “harder” track on the album, coming in perfectly at track #10. “Feeling Pretty Good” comes in next, featuring a phased vocal and old-style jazz lounge vibe before descending insanely far into wonky bass territory – it’s something you never see coming and it’s incredibly effective within the scope of the track.

This is one of the first albums this year that is simply an absolute joy to listen to from beginning to end. It never overstays its welcome or becomes a laborious listening experience; nor does it feel ADHD as it jumps from genre to genre – that’s the beauty of the interludes. Good Evening is a piece of work that showcases Deorro’s continued growth as an artist and dedication to music.

Stream and purchase here.