Three months ago, Australian producer Willco uploaded a mix to Soundcloud called “Literally Fuck Genres” and it went insanely viral. The blend of absurd mashups and crazy mixing appealed to every messed up millennial music snob on the planet and so it spread like wildfire. Since then, Willco was able to tour off its success, and has since created a sequel mix of even more weird mashups, appropriately titled Literally Fuck Genres Harder.

Of the mix, Willco said, “I’m 99% sure I have ADHD, but only when I’m DJ’ing. I get really bored really easily and want to play dumb shit because I think it’s funny.”

There are way too many epic moments in the mix to list them all out here, but “Ms. Jackson” with the Chicken Dance is one of them; so is “What Does The Fox Say” with “Shooting Stars,” combining two songs that became memes in their own rights in a mix filled with memes is just about as meta as you could possibly get.

Artist Ash Schmitt (Instagram / Facebook) is responsible for the brilliant illustration that goes along with the mix, featuring a tied-up Marshmello on a bed with a mau5 helmet by his feet. The suggestive nature of it is enough to get our engines started, that’s for sure.