About 5 years ago, Felix Cartal started a mixtape series, called “Weekend Workout“. Now, after almost half a decade later, he now presents us with his 200th installation, and one that I’m personally quite fond of.

Dubbed as the “Evolution Mix,” the mixtape brings us back 20 years to 1995 with Daft Punk‘s hit “Da Funk“. Each song from then on represents a period of time in dance music, showcasing some of the greatest hits from each year and era.¬†From legends like Mr. Oizo, Justice,¬†Daft Punk and Aphex Twin, to recent stars such as Flume and DJ Snake, Felix does a fantastic job of summarizing the way dance music has progressed. It becomes apparent when more recent hits come forth (with songs such as Avicii‘s remix of his own song “Bromance”) how much dance music has changed since 1995.

Ending the mix off with his most recent single, “Get What You Give,” Felix accomplishes his job inciting nostalgia to the listener, bringing us through 20 years of some of the most prolific songs throughout dance music’s long life.

Listen to episode 200 of the “Weekend Workout” below, and prepare for a whirlwind of memories: