As one of the most revered dance artists on the planet, we were honoured to speak with Benny Benassi about his newest record and what he has on the horizon in this exclusive interview.

Congratulations on the new record with Lush & Simon – what a single! What have you enjoyed the most about making this record?

It was a real pleasure for me and Alle (my studio partner and producer) to team up with Lush & Simon. They have a real freshness about them that helps the record, we feel.

How did the collaboration with the duo come about? What do you particularly
enjoy about their sound?

When we finished our demo of it we immediately thought their signature sound would add something to the drop, so we asked them if they’d like to get involved – and they said yes. I like the way their sound doesn’t run away from that progressive house thing everyone seems to be escaping from these days, but takes it to the next level (to quote one of their tracks!)

This track is the first since the release of your latest album. How have fans reacted so far?

No-one’s complained as far as I know 😉

Did you enjoy the creative process of getting back in the studio after having a little break from production?

Well, I produce with Alle and he’s the man who’s there even when I’m on tour. But to be honest, I didn’t tour for a month and a half because of my skiing accident so I’ve been in the studio with Alle a lot recently.

You’re globally renowned as one of the biggest dance music artists – and have been for a long time. What keeps you inspired and keeps your work fresh?

I don’t know. I still like to listen to what younger DJs are doing and am turned on by it. As long as that lasts, I guess I’m connected.

Say you could pass on a couple of tips about being a full-time musician to your younger self just starting out… what would they be?

The only advice I always give to young aspiring talented djs is: Always just be yourself and develop your own thing.

If you could name three artists/groups who have influenced you the most throughout your career, who would they be?

There are many artists and DJs who’ve been influential along the road. At the very outset it was the big electronic music producers like Giorgio Moroder and then the pioneering DJs who took DJ’ing out of anonymity – Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, etc. I first began to realise what you can do with a mixer listening to Erick Morillo many years ago. And now I’m influenced by the kids, I love their energy. Skrillex, Afrojack, Congorock…

Finally, are there any future projects on the way you can give any hints away about yet? Any festivals we can catch you at?

Spring Awakening, Firefly and Big Slap… But there will be more to announce.