Subtact and Duskus are each respectable rising talents in the future game. Being among some of the first to really define their own signature styles out of the future bass genre which emerged to mainstream audiences in 2015-2016. Joining forces to create their Kaleido label in 2015, the team is back with their 3rd compilation and the first single is a massive single combining both Duskus and Subtact’s unique styles and knack for production.

Between Duskus’ creative and dark atmospheres combined with Subtact’s impeccably catchy melodies, not to mention Emma Sabeth’s haunting vocal qualities, their single “Wait” is a taste of Kaleido’s new, mature sound that has us cheering and chanting for more.

You can check out the single here and check out the entire Kaleido compilation on the Kaleido Soundcloud on May 5th!