If you weren’t aware, Linkin Park has a new album coming out May 19, including the new single “Heavy” featuring Kiiara. While we wait for the full album to come out, we’ve got this surprise remix of the single from none other than Nicky Romero. And while this particular grouping of names is, um, weird… at best… the song itself is actually quite fantastic.

The original is more “Easier To Run” than “Lying From You,” but still pretty far from both. It’s more of a rock ballad than any of the original nu-metal sounds the group started with in the early 2000s, but that’s to be expected of a group as it evolves. That being said, the remix takes all of the good points of the original and just accentuates them, Chester’s and Kiiara’s vocals included.

Nicky Romero gives “Heavy” a future trap vibe, though tones down the energy and turns up the emotion and vibe to enormous effect. Check out the remix below!


Image via Rukes.com