Our love for Illenium is no secret. His album Ashes #9 on our Top 10 album list made of 2016, and we’ve been covering his music religiously for years. Whenever he releases new music, we experience a physiological reaction not unlike the thrill that an addict receives when using – that rush of dopamine to the system, a feeling of euphoria and intense pleasure.

The same can be said about his new song out today with Kerli, “Sound Of Walking Away.”

There’s perhaps no better featured vocalist that Illenium has worked with than Kerli, whose voice is simply one of the best in dance music right now. That, and how easily she and Illenium work with each other in production and sound, is what makes this new single so appealing. Listening to her larger-than-life voice before the drop especially induces chills. And then of course you have Illenium, whose melodic tendencies have never been anything less than absolutely stellar.

Check out “Sound Of Walking Away” with Kerli below.