In an era when music streaming services are becoming one of the most popular ways for fans to listen to their favorite tunes, understanding the ins and outs of sites like Spotify has become an essential way to efficiently stay ahead of the curve. Lucky for us, Thrillist recently compiled a comprehensive list of 16 tips that will definitely come in handy for dedicated Spotify users.

First, Thrillist provides a brief list of third party applications that fill in the gaps of Spotidy’s native song-finding algorithm. Sites like MagicPlaylist and The Set Listener find entire playlists you might enjoy based on a single song. And speaking of playlists, Spotify’s regular Discovery Weekly lists can be saved for later listening via an app called IFTTT, “a handy service that allows you to create custom chains of commands for multiple sites and services.” Finally, Thrillist writes that users can make collaborative playlists with friends for a more inclusive song selection experience, or restore deleted playlists to bring them back into rotation from the grave.

Thrillist also suggests that users link their Spotify accounts to both Shazam, Tinder and Soundhound. Linking Shazam will automatically create a Spotify playlist of every track you’ve ever searched for; Tinder will show your favorite songs on your profile so matches can check out your taste in music; and Soundhound will find karaoke lyrics to the current song.

Students can take advantage of more affordable pricing (50% off) for Spotify’s premium service, Thrillist writes, and users can even set up private listening sessions for guilty pleasure tracks they don’t want showing on the public feed.

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Source: Thrillist