If you were on the internet over the weekend, you heard about Fyre Festival, the luxury festival that crashed and burned. Organizers Ja Rule and Billy McFarland made a blunder when they sold tickets to the event for upwards of thousands of dollars and, when attendees arrived (or were delayed on their planes for hours), they were treated to abysmal conditions.

Now, a $100 million class action lawsuit has been filed against the festival. The suit was filed by celebrity lawyer Mark Geragos, and is only representing one plaintiff at this time, Daniel Jung. He is seeking seeking $5 million in damages for “alleged fraud, breach of contract, breach of covenant of good faith and negligent misrepresentation.” Though, as it is a class action suit, Geragos anticipates upwards of 150 plaintiffs will ultimately join Jung in seeking a minimum of $100 million dollars. The festival was expected to host 6,000 attendees, though the organizers haven’t released any official numbers on tickets sold; and it’s impossible to know how many people actually made it to the island rather than being turned away on their tarmac of choice.

As we know from social media posts (those that weren’t from trolls), the festival provided inadequate food, housing and water to attendees who were expecting celebrity chefs and luxury cabanas. Geragos alleges in the suit that the situation was “closer to ‘The Hunger Games’ or ‘Lord of the Flies’ than Coachella.”

Many of the models promoting the festival, including Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid, were also named in the suit, though their liability in the proceedings is not yet clear.

And while a $100 million lawsuit is enough to get worked over about on its own, TMZ reports that the country of the Bahamas, where the festival was to take place, may file a lawsuit of its own, as it “stands to lose out on millions with the festival being called off.” The country also alleges that McFarland failed to pay customs duty taxes “on items that he imported for the event,” and that “he and his staff have left the items with a security company guarding it.”



via Consequence of Sound