Grey, the previously-mystery duo who have been groomed since day 1 by Zedd, with their own combined years of experience, are finally starting to play live shows. They’ve waited this long because they wanted it to be perfect, and after a debut performance at UME Festival in March, they’re taking their show to Los Angeles and San Francisco for the real deal.

In celebration of this event, we’re sharing an exclusive Meet & Greet contest with our readers, as well as a special ticket promo code. And on top of that, we’ve also done a short interview with Grey about their live show and, wink wink, a 5-track EP you might hear at the show.

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This will be one of your very first live headlining performances. You’ve gotta be excited, right?

Yeah of course! We’re super excited to share all this new music we’ve been working on over the last year

What kind of elements do you bring to your live show?

Michael plays piano and a drum pad, and I play guitar live. We really try to make it a good mix of the electronic and acoustic sides of music

Do you find that you have limitations with a live show versus having CDJs on hand?

The biggest limitation is that it forces us to play almost all of our own music, but that’s also the fun of it I suppose.

You guys don’t have a terribly huge amount of original material, so will we also be hearing some live covers?

We actually have a whole 5 song EP that no one has heard, so we’re gonna be playing some of that as well as a bunch of our remixes. 

Is one of you more focused on interacting with the crowd?

We both try to be equally engaged with the crowd actually

After these dates, are you looking to make a complete tour out of your show or develop it a little further?

It’s always gonna be constantly improving, but yeah we’d eventually like to set up a full tour hopefully this year!

Will there be any big surprise guests? It is Los Angeles, after all…

I guess you’ll have to wait and see 😉