In the midst of a copy-and-paste synth, commercial-oriented state of EDM, I’m overcome with bliss when I discover an artist with a unique sound. Not only has Los Angeles-based duo Grey unveiled something completely original, but they’ve also put a stunning spin on a canonized sound. So much so, that they’ve caught the eyes and ears of Zedd and Skrillex, and will be featured on Selena Gomez‘s upcoming New Years’ Eve Spotify & Snapchat takeover with a new official remix for “Same Old Love.”

Although this sudden attention is simply remarkable, it comes as no surprise, with their downright intoxicating remixes providing an unthinkable combination of euphoria and incomparable talent. These mysterious brothers present a production quality that is cleaner and more skillful than almost anything I’ve ever heard – each sound more alluring than the last. Don’t believe me? Well they’ve amassed 11.5 thousand followers in the span of five months, and have released a total of only four tracks. Yes, this may certainly be a byproduct of Zedd posting a couple of their remixes on his SoundCloud page, but they would not be capable of getting this far (and this quickly) without having immense talent.

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Getting on Anton Zaslavski’s radar is definitely not something to scoff at either, as the Russian virtuoso sits at the peak of the EDM sound design mountain. His complex melodies and flawless production quality have proven themselves timeless, inspiring the likes of countless up-and-coming producers. This accords for an innate sense of scouting talent. The same sense that noticed the overwhelming potential of Grey, and that piqued his willingness to take them under his wing as relative protégés.

When I found out I had the opportunity to delve into the story behind this instantaneous rise to success, tens of questions popped up in my head. Upon first hearing their “Where Are Ü Now” remix, I wondered how a gifted duo could pop up out of nowhere and grace my speakers in such a heavenly fashion. Fortunately, the riveting backstory was everything I wanted to hear and more:

Normally, a producer with 5,000 soundcloud followers will have 15-20 tracks posted, and a profile that has been active for two to three years. You currently have 4 tracks finished, with your first remix posted five months ago. How have you amassed such a sizable following?

For awhile, we have felt like people are hungry for some substance in the music they listen to. We’ve always been moved by good chord progressions and catchy melodies, and we’re trying to fill that void that we see around us.

When I first heard your “Where Are Ü Now” remix, the first thing that utterly inundated my attention was the sublime production quality of the guitar. How do you get such a familiar instrument to sound so unique?

We grew up playing in bands throughout high school, so guitar is something that comes really naturally. Most dance music is produced completely inside a computer, so adding any kind of natural element to the mix automatically adds an interesting contrast.

When did you first come into contact to Zedd? How did you react?

We sent our “Where Are Ü Now” remix to Skrillex in August, and he was super supportive. He asked for more tracks, so we sent our Zedd remix which he forwarded to Zedd. We’ve been big fans of both of those guys from day 1, so it was obviously super exciting to be on their radar.

Do you plan on collaborating with him in the future? What do you think a Zedd x Grey track would sound like?

I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

Has he taken you on as a protégé in some respects? What kind of advice has he given you?

Anton has been extremely supportive, and he really pushes us to go with our first instinct. The best artists challenge people and get them to think differently, so that’s been one of the biggest take aways for us.

What should we be keeping an eye out for in 2016?

We’re just really focused on collaborating with people that inspire us. Expect an EP by mid 2016!


Well, there you have it. Skrillex heard that rising, aesthetic wave synth and felt the need to forward it to Zedd. Obviously I can’t blame him, as this specific sound is truly like nothing I’ve ever heard before. What makes me extremely thrilled about this superduo, however, is their flawless usage of several other synths as well. The aforementioned wave synth may be the centerpiece of two of their remixes, yet they also feature a slew of other well-crafted instruments. I can’t even imagine what masterpiece they could concoct with Zedd, but I know that I’d need to take a shower after listening to it. The EDM world needs a new sound to make a colossal appearance, and Grey is just the group to do it.