SAINT WKND’s debut EP Golden Youth, which was released via Sony Music UK earlier this year, has certainly been a long-time coming for the young house producer. Spawning three catchy singles in “Golden,” “Make You Mine,” and “Youth,” Golden Youth showed off a more mature side to SAINT WKND’s sound.

Now, he’s proud to present the official music video for “Make You Mine” with Boy Matthews which features what appears to be a young couple in love – albeit with a twist at the end. Stunning shots of both city and country come to life as the couple explores Portugal with a Super 8 Camera that gives us a beautiful and intimate look at the couple’s vacation.

The music video was shot by directorial duo Heinemann + Seethaler, who also shot the video for the EP’s previous single “Golden.” SAINT WKND was kind enough to leave us his thoughts on the conception of the music video as well below.

“After the video shoot for Golden, Marc Heinemann and I talked about shooting the video for ‘Make You Mine’ together. We thought about how we could portray a love story with a twist in a romantic, but not cheesy, way with beautiful imagery. The idea to do a road trip with this VW Bully in Lisbon came together pretty quick. I’ve got more and more into photography & videography in the last couple of months and got my hands on a Super 8 Camera last Christmas. Originally we planned to film the whole road trip only on Super 8 film, but when we saw the beautiful landscape and architecture we knew that we had to do more than that.”

Stream it below and enjoy!