A few years ago, a slew of robberies occurred in Hollywood conducted by a group known as “The Bling Ring”. This Bling Ring was a group of well-off Calabasas kids who would ransack celebrity homes and steal millions of dollars worth of clothing, jewelry, and art. This fascinated Total Ape, so much so that their most recent music video and single are a depiction of those robberies.

The video for Total Ape’s single “More” shows three young girls lurking around a swanky home. They break in through an open window and proceed to rummage through the owner’s belongings. The music video shows the girls’ fixation on materialism and the need for, well, more. Total Ape have a knack for creating extremely catchy hits that ooze feel-good melodies. This is further proven by this recent release featuring stunning vocals from Miss Li.

You can watch the dubious trio do their dirty work below: