HundredMillionThousand (HMT) is a brand new producer out of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada whose debut album, Lp1, released in early April. HMT’s sound is an incredibly complex yet beautiful and evocative mix of heavy bass music Middle Eastern melodic influences inspired by his upbringing in Persia.

HMT’s sound is so unique in a large part due to the Middle Eastern elements, as it is incredibly difficult to fuse a western beat structure with Middle Eastern music, especially Persian. This makes HMT difficult to classify within bass music and EDM, but in the best possible way. His tunes are heady and danceable but also technically complex and experimental. If anyone can bring bass music to the precipice of a whole new sub-genre, it’s this producer with this album.

Your EDM is proud to exclusively premiere HMT’s second music video from Lp1, which is actually a live mini-set which he performed on an actual drum machine in an airplane hangar. This mini-set features three singles off the album: “Yalda”, “Serbians” and “Tunnelism”. Click the video below to be astonished by this never before heard brand of bass music, and check out the full album on HMT’s Bandcamp page.