Varien‘s new track, “Mutiny,” is an exciting blend of synthwave and house that will take you on a colorful, edgy ride!

The Tampa-based producer/composer is known for approaching electronic music unconventionally, fusing multiple genres — electro, glitch hop, orchestral, industrial, and even metal — to come up with a truly unmatchable sound. That same concept also comes through with “Mutiny,” a work Varien is proud of.

“This is one of my first experiments with combining new and exciting ideas like synthwave, vaporwave, witch house, etc. into an understandable format — and I hope to please both the underground that gave birth to these incredible genres and the more casual listeners who love a fresh style,” he said.

“Mutiny” is out now on Outerloop Records — listen to it right here!

Varien also put himself on the map with this nod to Ghost in the Shell!

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