Fyre Festival‘s pitch deck has leaked, and the vision vs. reality is about as far off as you can imagine.

The deck, acquired by Vanity Fair’s Hive, presents the “biggest FOMO-inducing event of 2017.” It’s full of empty promises for the luxury-turned-disaster event, and ultimately only feeds the “fyre” of embarrassment for the festival.

Pretend you’re in a meeting, as the Fyre Festival team pitches this concept:

“Fyre defines how we engage audiences, consume media, and share content by connecting consumers, celebrities and brands through life experiences.”


“What if we reimagined what it means to attend a music festival? The actual experience exceeds all expectations and is something that’s hard to put to words. It will ignite that type of energy, that type of power in our guests.”

Sounds pretty incredible…

If this didn’t inspire you, then Ja Rule‘s “rockstar shit” toast surely would have.

Now fast-forward to the chaotic, non-event and social media uproar. Where did this all go wrong? Fyre Festival’s official statement still leaves many questions unanswered, and this deck is proof that even the most appealing, trendy concepts can go unbelievably wrong no matter how many millennials are involved.

View the full Fyre Festival pitch deck here!


Source: Vanity Fair/Hive