As the Fyre Festival headlines keep rolling in, there seems to be a whirlwind of legal battles about to go down — on top of the $100 million class action lawsuit that’s already underway.

This week, Fyre Festival found itself as the #1 trending topic on Twitter for all the wrong reasons, and while we found the commentary hilarious (full story here), it wasn’t as appealing for the organizers.

The festival has reportedly sent off a cease and desist order to an individual who shared on social media that “communications on the island were non-existent and there was nothing but disaster relief tents that were on the verge of blowing over.”

Fyre says these statements are untrue and could “incite violence, rioting, or civil unrest,” and if not taken down, “Fyre Festival will hold you accountable and responsible.” Seems like a stretch, but whatever.

On the flip side, EDM Sauce discovered that lawyers are jumping on the “Fyre Festival Lawsuit” train. A crafty law firm already locked down and is seeking cases:

“If you paid for and attended Fyre Festival 2017 contact us to share your story and explore your options to hold Fyre Festival, Ja Rule and others accountable and get full, fair and just compensation for your damages.”

We have a feeling this is going to get worse before it gets better.

Sources: EDM SauceStereogum