Diplo has moved in on Calvin Harris‘ ex-girlfirend Rita Ora… Or, at the very least they’re into holding hands in public!

Fans are convinced these two are a couple after they appeared at the Met Gala together and were captured holding hands exiting 1OAK in New York City. We’re getting ahead of ourselves, but if this pair is the real deal, then we’re hoping for some killer collabs in the near future!

Sorry to subject to you to low quality paparazzi footage, but this is all the proof you need right here. Gotta say, they make a cute couple!

Let’s just hope this doesn’t turn out like the situation between Ora and Harris — after their relationship went sour, he put a “ban” on their collaborations. Until recently, she’d been blocked from performing the single “I Will Never Let You Down” or releasing any of the material they made together for her album.

Thankfully, the “ban” has since been lifted.


Image via Rukes.com