Bribery Corporation, the rising, multifaceted record label and fashion house based out of Miami, Florida, flew on our radar a few months ago with the release of ROOMS‘ track “bahna” and its accompanying music video, and it turns out the label has made some big progress since we last checked in with them.

Bribery Corp has teamed up with BitTorrent to release the label’s debut compilation, simply titled Bribery _001. The compilation features a brand-new ROOMS remix of Los Angeles-based singer Lizzy Land, a track from Swedish rapper Compulsive, a new release from Bala Club member RulesMystvries remix of a Miami Nights 1984 track and a new track from Miami duo Ascendants among other songs. The compilation is the first of a planned quarterly release series, with all future compilations slated to release in partnership with BitTorrent. Users can access the full compilation, plus a graphic zine and posters for the label’s Juicebox party in Miami, via a free download and access a 1080p download of ROOMS’ “bahna” music video by inputting their email address at the compilation page on BitTorrent.

Head to BitTorrent to download Bribery _001!