While thousands of attendees are raving about Middlelands, the EDM-meets-medieval times festival that took place over the weekend at the Texas Renaissance Festival Fair Grounds in Todd Mission, dozens of others were hit were hit with drug charges and arrests.

According to Grimes County Sheriff’s Office, roughly 38 people were arrested on charges that ranged from driving while intoxicated to possession of a controlled substance.

“These arrests were mostly for drug related offenses – possession of ecstasy, LSD, cocaine, and marijuana,” Investigator Kindale Pittman said.

In the mugshot gallery provided by the Houston Chronicle, it’s surprising to see that 7 of these arrests were strictly due to “possession of marijuana,” and 4 others for “possession of drug paraphernalia.” In a world where weed is becoming more and more lawfully acceptable, it’s crazy to think people are being arrested at music festivals over it.

However, the small number of overall arrests over the three-day festival shows that people were in generally good spirits and on their best behavior (or hid it well enough). Our full Middlelands festival review will come later this week and we guarantee it gives you FOMO.


Source: Houston Chronicle | KBTX