Yeah, that’s right, PSY is still fuckin’ making music. And it’s still REALLY good! It really doesn’t matter if you understand Korean or not, the meaning behind his lyrics really shine through in the production and rhythm of his songs.

On his new albumĀ 4×2=8, the second track “New Face” is undoubtedly the “Gangnam Style” of the album. Featuring a new custom dance move for the drop and an almost Latin vibe, with horns and acoustic guitar, we could actually see this one making the rounds in clubs.

Probably the most accessible part of the song to EDM fans is a section wherein PSY sings, “Ayy we want some new face!” in the cadence of “Hey, who want’s some pussay?” Someone like Dillon Francis might even sample it in a set, who knows?

Either way, check out the new music video and track below.

Listen to the full 4×2=8 below, as well.