News of Pretty Lights’ new destination resort festival had fans buzzing. But now, they’ll be checking between the seat cushions for loose change because this festival costs a lot. While prices for Fyre Festival reached upwards of $250,000, Island Of Light won’t set you back nearly as much, but it’s more than you think.

Tickets for the event are available now with a down payment… because a down payment is completely necessary. The cheapest package for the event will run you a cool $4,000, though the amenities provided do make the purchase worth it in the end, and the cost can be reduced depending on how many people are in your package. Your ticket will include “an all-inclusive resort experience, including their lodging at the hotel, buffet style meal options, drinks, and ground transportation between the San Juan airport and El Conquistador. In addition, guests will receive discounted rates on local adventure excursions, resort amenity access and the high end sit down restaurants on site.”

The most expensive option for an 8-person package will cost $21,120.

All of this for four days at a resort in Puerto Rico, and it doesn’t sound too outlandish. However, the question then becomes, who is this festival being marketed to? Surely, the average Pretty Lights fan doesn’t have thousands laying around waiting for such an opportunity; not when you could pay $60 plus the price of a flight to see him perform at Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado.

No doubt that hundreds of people will purchase tickets to this event – and unlike Fyre, there’s a legit resort involved and not some disaster relief huts and unpaid volunteers. That being said, will the vibe on the island be like something Pretty Lights fans would want, with opulence and greed? It remains to be seen.


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