We’re glad to inform everyone that California producer and DJ Wavesz has just dropped his latest creation. The last time Wavesz left his mark was after introducing himself with an edit of Andrew Luce’s remix to the LANY track “ILYSB.” To shake things up, the 19-year-old takes the deep house anthem “Gold” by Sebastien and featuring Bright Sparks and flips it into a future bass emotion.

Wavesz does an impeccable job of displaying his R&B influences and technical diligence in his electronic productions. This is evident in his remix of “Gold” where he replaces the acoustic guitars of the original for a soft piano chord all before layers of synths crash graciously against each other in the drops. As hard-hitting as this remix may be, the direction Wavesz took on with this remix alter the lyrical tone as singer Bright Sparks almost sounds more sullen versus the cheery nature of Sebastien’s version. If Wavesz continues to bring this level of originality and passion into remixes, edits, and flips, I can only imagine what kind of power bombs he might be concocting for his first original tracks might sound like.

Check out the new Wavesz remix of “Gold” by Sebastien on Soundcloud.